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Started in 2016, EnviroPlan Partners is a women-owned environmental consulting firm, specializing in environmental compliance, natural resource planning, and biological resource studies.  With over 20 years of combined experience, our team is experienced in developing environmental projects to provide our clients quality service and detailed planning products.  We are skilled facilitators and planners with expertise in a natural resource management and ecological science issues relevant to many environmental planning projects.  Prior to starting EnviroPlan Partners, both Heidi and Sabrina worked together on various habitat restoration projects; developing restoration plans, outlining native planting techniques, supporting sustainable resource use, and addressing property maintenance issues for clients.  Through our experience, we have worked with a wide variety of government agencies, technical specialists, non-profit organizations, and other environmental consultants to deliver multi-faceted project plans.

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Heidi Trathnigg, Partner 

Sabrina Kleinman, Partner

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