Pueblo de Cochiti Forest Inventory Analysis

Project SynopsisPueblo de Cochiti

EnviroPlan Partners was contracted by the Bureau of Indian Affairs Southwest Region to assist with preparing current forest inventories for a number of tribal governments in New Mexico. Forest inventories provide valuable information on the cover, volume, and distribution of trees and forest resources. The BIA uses these reports to develop forest management plans for tribes.

In 2019, EnviroPlan was contracted to prepare a Forest Inventory Analysis for the Pueblo de Cochiti. The analysis focused on trees found in pinyon-juniper woodlands, and for the first time, cottonwood bosque. Bosque woodlands are unique to the southwestern United States and are common along riparian corridors, where cottonwood and willow species are dominant. For this effort, volume and basal area of cottonwoods were estimated to allow for harvesting for a variety of cultural and traditional uses, such as drum making.

The final analysis included recommendations for future forest inventory efforts, an analysis of invasive tree species, and recommendations for silvicultural treatments and harvest volumes for the next ten years to help meet ecological, cultural, and economic needs for Cochiti Pueblo.

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