Lower Clear Creek Wetland Delineation

The Lower Clear Creek Floodway Rehabilitation Project is a long-term riparian restoration project managed by the Bureau of Reclamation Mid-Pacific Region near Redding, CA. Mining and excavation for gold and construction materials in the area resulted in major ecological damage to the riparian ecosystems in the region, which are some of the most valuable salmonid rearing habitats in California. In an effort to restore the natural function of these river systems, the LCCFRP has worked for over two decades to restore native plants, hydrology, and hydraulic function to the Clear Creek system. While major restoration efforts were finished in the summer of 2019, delays and issues during restoration left some portions of the restoration work unfinished. Before additional work could be address, Reclamation needed to document how current restoration work changed wetland resources in the project site.

EnviroPlan Partners was contracted to delineate and document wetland habitats found in the Main restoration site, along with sites at Reading Bar and Old Mill. The delineation documented existing and intermittent wetland areas, photos, and observed plant species. EnviroPlan prepared updated GIS shapefiles for each area and all maps for the jurisdictional wetland determination for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Once the delineation was completed, EnviroPlan met with the project team from Reclamation to review the survey findings and discuss factors in the area that affect wetland resources at each site.

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